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Bathroom FixturesBathroom Fixtures
5 Best Bathroom Fixture Brands Recommended by Expert Remodelers

Planning a bathroom remodel? It’s good to know where to spend the bulk of your budget, and fixtures rank high on the list. After all, your dream-like home spa has certain needs, including good water pressure and user-friendly faucets. Additionally, you want hardware that looks beautiful and comes with a solid warranty. Your new fixtures…

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Kitchen Ideas
Wow Kitchen Design Ideas

Love your kitchen but hate its design? You’re not alone. Kitchens and baths have always been top-selling points for home buyers looking for the perfect investment. And if these areas are outdated or awkward, most buyers will pass. If it’s time to pump up the pizzazz in the heart of your family’s home, try these…

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Planning Second Story AdditionPlanning Second Story Addition
9 Questions You Need to Ask While Planning a Second Story Addition

1. Is my foundation strong enough for a second story? This is absolutely something that needs to be determined before a second story addition can be done. It’s best assessed by an engineer, who can determine if the foundation is strong enough as-is or if it needs to be structurally reinforced to support an additional…

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Estimating Garage Conversion CostEstimating Garage Conversion Cost
Estimating Garage Conversion Cost

A garage conversion can transform your barely used garage space into a totally functional and valuable part of your home. As you delve into the many ways a garage can be converted, garage conversion costs are bound to be at the forefront of your thought processes. At Oasis Builders, we help property owners with garage…

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How to Choose Kitchen Floor TilesHow to Choose Kitchen Floor Tiles
How to Choose Kitchen Floor Tiles

The kitchen seems to be a natural fit for tile flooring. Tiles are not only durable and resilient to heavy foot traffic and stains, but the tiles can be a critical part of the overall kitchen design. Kitchen floor tile ideas abound, so just one look at the many ways to use tile in your…

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What to Expect As Our Customer with Ever Changing Costs for Construction Materials

Each of our lives was affected in some form or fashion during 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic. While many of us were dealing with illnesses and keeping our loved ones safe, other things took place within the supply chain of our country, and the production and transport of construction materials like lumber, steel, and even…

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How to Choose Bathroom Contractor
Choosing a Bathroom Remodel Contractor in Los Angeles

How to Hire a Contractor for Bathroom Remodel A bathroom remodeling can completely change the functionality of the room, improving both the experience for residents and the resale value of the property in one fell swoop. Before you choose a bathroom contractor in Los Angeles though, there are some things you should know. We’ll tell you more about what to look…

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Bathroom Tile OptionsBathroom Tile Options
A Look at the Latest Tile Floor Bathrooms Options for Bathrooms

A Look at the Latest Tile Floor Options for Bathrooms When it comes to floor tiles bathroom spaces are some of the most fitting for this floor covering option. These often-smaller spaces require a certain level of resiliency and function, but the style of tile flooring you choose for the bathroom in your Los Angeles…

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