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They say home is where the heart is, but, sometimes, an already built, already lived-in home may not deliver everything your heart desires. When that happens to be the case, finding local builders to construct a new home tends to be the most viable option. At Oasis Builders in Los Angeles, new homes are one of our many specialties, so we’re the local builders you can trust to help the home of your heart come to life.

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Building a New House: Advangtages

The advantages of building over buying are significant. If you’re still on the fence, consider these benefits.

* Ability to Customize the Floor Plan

When you order a new construction that takes shape from the ground up, you have much more opportunity to customize it. Want that bonus room? It’s yours. Prefer green building materials? That’s possible, too. You’ll work closely with your architect and contractors during a new construction to design the perfect home that fits your family’s needs.

* No Bidding Wars

You’ll have a concrete plan already in place when building a new house. Therefore, you won’t have the worry of being outbid. There’s no competition, and you’ll already have your budget, more or less. As a result, you’ll know ahead of time what it’s all going to cost.

* Use of New, Energy-Efficient Materials and Techniques
New homes must be built to strict codes, and these codes take things like energy efficiency very seriously. Your new construction will cost less to heat and cool than an older home might. Additionally, everything will be new, from your furnace to your plumbing, meaning you’ll have fewer upkeep costs for at least the first several years.

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Challenges of building a new house

Estimating Garage Conversion Cost
Personalized Service
More Difficulty Getting a Loan

Because there’s no existing home to use as collateral, it may be more difficult to secure a loan. And if you do find a good option, fees and interest charges may be higher. A reputable loan officer can help you find that perfect lender.

Clear Communication
Fluctuating Costs

While you’ll have a set budget, home construction often encounters unforeseen situations. For instance, it may cost more to drill your well than you budgeted for if you’re building on solid rock. Equipment breaks down occasionally, too, which may cause costly delays. Use licensed and experienced professionals to keep unexpected costs low.

Streamlined Process
Longer Time Frame From Start to Finish

It takes longer to plan, design, and build a home than it does to close on an existing construction. Therefore, if you have a strict goal in mind, such as being in a new home by Christmas, it may be better to look for a home that’s already on the market. Start planning at least a year in advance if you want to build from the ground up.

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Our New Home Construction Process

We take a methodic, streamlined approach to installation and bringing your kitchen makeover to life, so we minimize
how long you have to be without a functional kitchen.

3D & Rendering
3D Design & Rendering

Our kitchen remodels begin with a 3D design and rendering in which we create an image of what your newly remodeled kitchen will look like. A big plus is that this design is created in three dimensions, making it more lifelike. If you want to alter any component of the design, let us know during the design and rendering stage and we will make the necessary changes to make your custom kitchen vision a reality. Upon completing the design stage, we provide our clients with a shopping list for all of the finished materials they will need to purchase for their upcoming kitchen remodel. This approach a smooth and seamless experience throughout the remodeling process.

Permits & Demolition

The next step is to pull the appropriate permits from the local department of building and safety so work can commence as planned. Once the permits are pulled, demolition can start. Whether every component of your kitchen needs to be replaced for a complete kitchen renovation, or if a partial kitchen remodel is what you are looking for, our team is here to do the job as quickly and thoroughly as possible. If a kitchen island is to be added, or if certain walls are to be removed, we may need to create the necessary space by implementing framing work. At times, framing work may include structural components which require architectural plans and foundation work. While this is not always the case, kitchens that do require structural work tend to be more expensive, take longer to build, and are more labor intensive, as the work requires a higher level of detail.

Plumbing & Electrical
Plumbing & Electrical

Our kitchen remodeling team will move on next to rough plumbing and rough electrical. This means we will lay the pipes, wiring, lights, switches and other plumbing and electrical components necessary for your kitchen to function exactly as planned. We are all about the details: we want to make sure that we set everything right, the first time, in the right location, so it will serve you for years to come without having to revisit the work done previously.


Insulation is the next step in the process of remodeling kitchen, although it is not always required. The building code states that insulation should be added onto exterior walls only. Therefore, we only add insulation when we completely redo a kitchen and open all walls. If we just replace cabinets or focus on a basic facelift, there is no requirement to change or add insulation.


The next step is the installation of flooring. Flooring is a major component of kitchen remodels, mainly because it is one of the largest parts of the kitchen. The look and feel of your luxury kitchen flooring plays a major role in how much you enjoy the currently as well as far into the future. Our kitchen remodelers pay close attention to even the smallest details throughout the critical flooring installation process, even the slightest mistake has the potential to ruin the best of kitchen makeovers.

Priming and Painting
Cabinets & Countertops
Cabinets & Countertops

As a part of the kitchen renovation, once cabinet installation is complete, it is time to install a new luxury countertop on the new cabinets. In this process, our clients provide us with the countertop slab of their choice that is typically made of granite, quartz, marble, porcelain, limestone, decton, neolith. This part of the process is called fabrication and is typically done at our fabricators’ shops, not at the client’s home. While fabricating granite, quartz and marble is all done in the same manner and at the same cost, the fabrication of all other materials is more detailed, and therefore, costs more than fabricating these materials.

Backsplashes & Fixtures
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Now that the cabinets and countertops have been installed, it is time to install the backsplash. You can choose to offset and contrast the countertop look by choosing a different backsplash tile and have it installed to complement the look. Alternatively, you may choose to have your countertop slab continue in a vertical installation and have it function as your backsplash. It is important to remember that countertop fabrication and material tend to cost more than tile and tile installation. Therefore, when working on a budget, it may be advisable to focus on tile for your backsplash installation. Take your time when selecting the backsplash. From the size of the backsplash to its look and beyond, the details really do matter!

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Client Testimonials

John Teschner

Kitchen Remodeling, Studio City

What was important for me about Neev that made me hire him was that when I asked him serious questions, he had the answers. I felt like I could trust him to do what he said and if he did what he said, I knew I’d be happy. The communication was great, I spoke with Neev every day, if not once, maybe two-three times. The quality of the job came out just as I expected, really good. The project came in before the deadline and right on budget. What more can you ask for these days?
Alexis Kavazanijan

General Remodeling, Long Beach

I found Oasis Builders on yelp, and they had 5-star reviews and everyone was over the moon about working with Neev. I decided to hire Neev and Oasis Builders because when I spoke with him, he was really honest and transparent about the process. As a first-time homeowner, going through construction can be nerve-wrecking, so I was concerned that working with a wrong person won’t be the right fit for us. Neev quelled any nerves that I may have had.
Amy Karthan
/ Common FAQs When Build New Homes


Construction Costs
What are the stages of building a new house?

Building a house is a huge undertaking with a lot of steps involved for the local builders you choose. However, the general stages of building a house can be broken down into a few general steps:

  • Preparation of the construction site, such as leveling and grading or excavation
  • Local builders install the foundation, which may or may not include a basement
  • Implementing ground utilities, such as septic lines and water lines
  • Building the frame of the home, including adding roof trusses
  • Completing the basic plumbing, electrical, and HVAC implementations
  • Installing insulation, interior drywall, electrical fixtures
  • Finishing the exterior with roofing, siding, etcetera
  • Finishing interior and exterior trim, driveways, and walkwaysA well-built new home can retain its value just like any other home. As always, real estate values can ebb and flow depending on supply and demand, but the general value of a home often rises over time.
How long does it take to build new homes?

The construction schedule for building a house can vary depending on several factors, including location, the size of the home, and even the configuration and which local builders you choose. The best local builders can give you a reliable timeline before the project begins.

How can you keep new home construction costs low?

New home construction costs are based on size, materials used in the build, and the time involved in construction. Working with local builders, being mindful of material choices, and collaborating with a cost-conscious designer are all good ways to save money on new homes.

Does building a new house cost more than buying a new one?

The costs can actually be quite comparable, and in some cases, building new homes can be cheaper. You have to consider when buying a home, part of the cost is on assumed home value based on location. When building a home, you are paying directly for the materials and labor involved only.

Do new homes lose value?

A well-built new home can retain its value just like any other home. As always, real estate values can ebb and flow depending on supply and demand, but the general value of a home often rises over time.

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